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Zouave is on Its way to you!

Well, folks, the Zouave Rules have been mailed to each person who-preordered, all reviewers, and some people I just happen to like, as of 2:00 PM MDT today! US customers should receive the rules this Saturday or next Monday at the latest. European and Pacific customers will probably see theirs late next week. Now the fun begins!

Because Repique is now heading into a new stage of its development, I have made a few changes to the website. The pricing and availability page has been removed as it is now moot given the rules being readily available. “What’s in the rulesbook?” has been modified to eliminate the reference to the pre-order discount, but any Charter members have been noted and will get a $2.50 reduction in purchasing the next Repique product. As of June 1, 2010 the Blog archive will be changed to archive by the month rather than the week. Frankly, this is a housekeeping issue, required because of the growing number of blog entries. I have had to adjust my postal rates I’m afraid, as the books are a tad heavier than I thought they would be. That’s good for you in that there’s a lot of content, but I am raising international mail charges to $10.00 ( it costs $9.00 in postage alone!). The Canadian rate will be lowered to the same as domestic US (Those Canadians are such NICE people!) and the Domestic rate for the US will be unchanged at $2.50. The store cart now reflects the new rates.

Zouave is having a release party for the play testers on the 14th of May where champagne, caviar, French and Italian cheeses, and pickled herring will be served while Josh Bell plays his violin. Pictures will be posted on the photo section! It is, of course, a formal affair!

I will be posting a scenario complete with troop lists, rating info, and a map in the next few days. It will be adaptable for either ACW or FPW, and was a scenario well tested during the rule playtesting earlier this year. You can see the table layout in the photo section. St. Croix (FPW) AKA Crossfield (ACW) is its title. The 1866 free PDF will be released in late May.

We’re off to a great start, and It’s going to be a great year!

Thanks, again, to everyone who has supported this effort,

Bob Jones
Repique Rules
Denver, CO