Wargame Thoughts and Commentary

Die Fighting on its way to me!


“ Dear Robert:

Great news! Your order has been completed and is ready to be delivered to you.

The following item(s) will be shipping on the next UPS truck out of our facility: “

It is hard to tell if it will arrive by Friday (because of Thanksgiving), but certainly no later than next Monday. The envelopes and customs forms have been completed, as has a two pager insert thank you and guidance note, putting the discs in and posting is all that remains to be done!

I have to say the production house has been first rate at every step. The next time you hear from me will be after I do several post-Thanksgiving four mile runs, and the rules have been posted to you and on their way!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to thank all of you for making DFII the most successful pre-pub launch of any rules I have done. Because of this, I must also ask that you all have some patience as it’s going to take a few trips to the Post Office to get these all mailed!

The first to go out, because of distance and customs, will be ALL foreign orders. Then, immediately following, all domestic orders will be filled at the same time. All orders received through Sunday, November 30th will be fulfilled, no later than Tuesday morning, as I have enlisted the entire Chez Jones Crew (Les Quebecois) in the mailing! You will get a confirming posting here and on Yahoo! when all packages have been posted.

I really look forward to your reactions and comments,