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Zouave II Pre-publication Discount!

Zouave II is now available for pre-publication sale! The rule set is an 82 page rule book with a four color cover and B&W interior pages. It has a heavy card, full color, Command Rondel insert. This new tool is the first application in miniature wargames of an exciting new way to sequence turns. It will be used in several new Repique designs including the upcoming Die Marching rules. Zouave II includes templates for the ACW, FPW, and Maximilian wars, and now includes a template for the Austro-Prussian War of 1866, including the Italian Front.

Over 60% of the rule text is new, with a complete re-do of the command rules using the Command Rondel. It will be shipping concurrent with Historicon in the first week of July. I think you will find this is a terrific upgrading of the Zouave rules, but I realize many people have purchased the original version. In order to treat our customers fairly, if you are on my database as an original purchaser of Zouave and purchase Zouave II prior to July 1, 2011, check the appropriate box and you’ll get $10 off the full retail of $29.95! If you are a new customer, and new to Zouave, you’ll get $5.00 off! On MIlitary Matters will also honor the $10 off for any past purchasers of Zouave- if ordered prior to Historicon. Contact them for details! OMM will have the rules for sale at Historicon, and I will be at their booth frequently during the show. When the pre-sale discount ends, Zouave II will be available at full retail of $29.95 plus postage.

This will be a numbered limited edition. Zouave sold out all copies within 6 months of publication and has been out of print for 8 months-so order soon and assure yourself a copy and at a great savings.

This is a substantial upgrade of the rules with a completely new command system, the full color Command Rondel, the added 1866 template, and is 10 pages longer! The game is set at the Grand Tactical level with divisions being the key command units, though combat is resolved at the regimental or brigade level. The ground scale is 1”= 50 yards (25mm=50 meters) and is adjustable for smaller actions or small army wars such as Maximilian in Mexico. Suitable for all scales from 6mm through 28mm, but the smaller scales of 6,10, and 15mm are the best visually. This is a game designed for big battles, and is necessarily a more complex design than Die Fighting. With the new Command Rondel it plays quickly and directly. Three to four hours playing time is typical.

If ordering on line, please make sure you select the proper option of whether you are a new Zouave II customer, or a previous purchaser of Zouave, to get the correct discount. Postage is $10 international, and $3.00 for the US and Canada.

New materials and photos of a Zouave II game have been posted in the Files and Photos section of the RepiqueRules Yahoo forum. More will be posted in the next week. This website has already upgraded the Zouave pages and the store pages to accommodate the new products. Review copies are being sent to Scott Mingus, Mike Siggins at Battle Games, Vae Victus, and Miniature Wargames. I am doing a War College presentation at Historicon this year at Noon on Saturday called “Dice, Cards, and Rondels: A Seminar on Game Design.” I Hope to see you there and answer any questions then, or later at the bar!

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