Wargame Thoughts and Commentary

Odds and Ends

Well, Last night I hosted a champagne and caviar publication party for Zouave with the assembled group of playtesters. We had quite a spread including a triple-creme Brie, and some excellent pickled herring-quite good. Equally good was the conversation and joking that three bottles of champagne can encourage! The event also allowed me to premier my new 12 foot wargame table (Big Battles, remember!) and the new wargame room decor. I enclose photos of the crew, the table and room, and, as long as I’m posting odds and ends, some shots of the Dial Dude’s gear with 10 mm. units including a comparison of the old green 25mm and the new 20mm dials. I really like the smaller size for the burden markers. I will retain the 25mm for tracking stored command pips.

A great evening, and we scheduled some games in the upcoming weeks, including an evening with my old friend Pat McGuire on the 12th of June, who will be visiting from back East.

Here’s the Playetest braintrust joyfully celebrating their presentation copies of Zouave. (Left to Right) Bottle of Moet &Chandon, Ed Meyers, Terry Shockey, John Mumby, Chris Caudill, and Greg Cornell.

Here’s the new Wargame room and the magnificent 12 foot wargame table! Part of the Bob Jones Military Library may be glimpsed to the right.

Three regiments of Prussian Dragoons with a large 25mm. command pip dial and a comparison of the small 20mm and larger 25mm burden dials showing red!

Here’s a French Division (albeit light on artillery) with a command pip dial, and two small burden dials, one showing green, and one black. I am writing an extended blog posting on suggested ways of using the markers for added fog-of-war in game play for posting next week.