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Off To A Great Start!


This last week has been a real flurry of activity here at Repique Rules. The pre-order for the Die Fighting II rules has been better than any ruleset that I have ever done. There is a very good chance that the entire production costs will be covered by the time I ship the first disk! I thank all of you for your purchase, and i am sure you’ll love the package when it arrives.

This week has been spent in creating the database for purchasers, with their postal and email addresses. Because of the strength of the response this has been a bit of time at the computer! I also began the filling out of customs forms for the international customers. The US has recently declared in a court case involving Netflix that DVD mailers should be treated identically to any form of publishing in terms of rates, etc. This has not extended fully to overseas as customs forms are required for documents on disk, but not in print!?? Oh, well… I’m now creating all labels and forms so the packets can go out immediately once they are received.

The disk replication is on schedule. The disk master has been “stamped” and the next step is replication. Then the disks have to be printed. Concurrently, the sleeve for the disk will be printed and given a UV gloss coat. The step that slow s things down is the folding and gluing of the sleeves which must dry for a day or so before the disks may be inserted and the whole thing shrink wrapped. I will keep you informed.

Once I receive them, I will slip them into pre-addressed bubblewrap envelopes, and insert a sheet of paper that is essentially the “Read Me First” document . Rather than placing it on the disk, which gets ignored, I decided a thank you sheet with a few words of guidance about the “Best Practices” when using the package was the better course. It really isn’t very complicated, but a few suggestions might be appreciated by many of you, given the whole approach is somewhat different and new. I expect to spending a bit of time at the local post office!

I had a screening for the cast of the master disk including the video, slide shows, and PDFs, last Saturday, and their reaction was quite enthusiastic. Though it might have been the champagne…

Thanks again for the wonderful response on the Die Fighting II Multimedia Rules, it is beyond any expectation!

A reminder: The Pre-publication pricing ends this Friday, the 21st, and the rules will then return to their full price of $26.00 a copy-still a huge bargain and a great purchase. If any of your friends wish to buy the rules give them a heads up about the end of Pre-publication pricing.

Bob Jones