Wargame Thoughts and Commentary

Die Fighting! Status 2/24/11

We have in-house the optional phase decks, player aid sheets with rule summary and OOB sheets, envelopes, and our database is fully updated and we are printing the address labels for all mailings.

The rules were shipped in two shipments by the printer on last Friday and onthis Tuesday. We will spend this weekend packaging with some going out onSaturday, and others next Monday, and Tuesday. I will post to this forum whenthe rulebook shipment arrives so you know the wheels are turning.

Friday night is a wine and cheese party for the Denver play testers, and a gamewill be played at Chez Jones on Saturday Afternoon. We will be playing FPW in10mm using Die Fighting! Inches will be converted to centimeters for ground scale. Battle report to follow.

On Saturday, I will also post photos of the completed rule package so you can see what you'll be getting in the mail, and rule definitions for the two new optional Phase cards "Concede!" and "X factor".

I am presently working on the Colonial Addendum for Die Fighting! and I hope to have that posted soon.

Review of Zouave for the Zouave II edition has begun, and I think that a reasonable date for this second edition to be made available is May 5th, the one year anniversary of the initial 2010 release. More to follow.

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of Repique Rules, the main website and this forum. Tomorrow morning, I will be posting a summary of the year that you might find interesting.

The Repique Rules website at www.repiquerules.com has been revised with a new home page, and various corrections throughout. Further changes will be made including a new Zouave Blog entry over the next few days.

The rule books are being sent to Scott Mingus at Charge!, Mike Siggins at Battlegames, J.P. Imbach at Vae Victus, and to Wargames Illustrated for possible reviews and comment. I will alert you al when those reviews are available, and will post excerpts on the Repique Rules Forum as I did with Zouave.

The Skype discussion has been moved to Sunday the 20th of March and will be posted on the Zouave Blog on that date. If you have any questions after receiving the rules, please email me and they will be addressed by me, Tony Hawkins, and Jim Getz on that podcast. All of the panel have been closely
involved with the rules from the beginning and should be able to impart great wisdom in their replies.

On Military Matters should have Die Marching available for purchase at Cold Wars starting March 11th. They will also be handling Zouave II and Die Marching!

Work proceeds with Die Marching! aiming at a Historicon release.

I shall be at Historicon this year hanging out a bit at OMM's booth. Dennis Shorthouse at OMM is a key supplier in the US for all things related to historical wargaming, and I encourage all of you to check out his extensive and varied catalog of books, games, and figures. With the demise of US wargame magazines and "thought" pieces being replaced by the ephemeral platitudes of most forums, businesses like OMM take on added importance as a supplier of information, thoughtful writings, and new rule concepts to the US hobby. Thank heaven for BG, WI, and Vae Victus on the international scene! Support them all!