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Current Status of Die Fighting II

Die Fighting Mock-up

Things are progressing well with Die Fighting II! As I have noted in previous notes the video edit is complete. The Die Fighting Keynote Slide show is completed with both a Pdf version and a QT Film Version, and possibly a download link to an on-line Keynote and Powerpoint version. All have been tested and are perfect!

As of this moment, the printable Pdf elements are all being edited. Already completed are a two-sided Rule Summary sheet that is keyed by running time and slide number to the video and slide show, the Order of Battle Roster Template, and the Linear Warfare and Wars of Revolution period rules and Free Dice tables (in full color). The template for the Phase Cards is completed. The Napoleonic, Wars of Transition, and Colonial templates are still being edited. Also to be completed are the Pdf on Engineering, and the Designer Notes (that shall be the last thing completed, I’m sure). The notes will include suggested best practices for playing DF and a complete bibliography. These will all be completed this week. Finally, there will be a “READ ME FIRST!” page will helpful hints about how to use the disk and its contents.

The disc authoring is to be completed at the end of next week and/or the beginning of the following week. I repeat, this will be a fully chaptered video, and menued for all included printable items. It is to be an “Enhanced” or hybrid DVD, and will play on any disk drive, and all but the most dated DVD players. Regional restrictions will not be an issue. This should take one day. I am personally laying out the sleeve art for the disc (see above) and the disc art , and hope that will be completed this week as well.

This has been a HUGE undertaking entailing rounding up gamers from across the country for a one day shoot in Denver, Editing over three hours of video into the final 59:30 finished product, creating a slide show that serves as the basic core of the rules, and a tremendous review mechanism, and then tying up all the loose ends of the print materials, and then learning the finer points of DVD creation and artwork creation for the album sleeve and disc. It’s been challenging and a lot of fun-and I’ve learned about a number of new software packages in the process!

I feel that, barring any unforeseen problems, I’m about two weeks from duplication and posting for pre-sales. I will await the return of the discs for some random quality testing, and then post the deal both here and on the Yahoo! Site. At the moment, it appears that my estimation of a lower price than my past publications, and cheaper postage (especially to Europe) are proving to be accurate.

I shall be sending review copies to Henry Hyde at Miniature Wargames, Guy Bowers at Wargames, Soldiers, and Strategy, and Nicolas Stratigos at Vae Victus. All copies will be available only directly through me at this time, as I am planning a rather unique Customer/Player Support technique, that will be announced when DFII is released and that part of this project will be complete.

Now back to the editing and artwork design!