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Historicon Coverage

Well, I'm off for Historicon.

I am not only giving a seminar “Dice, Cards, and Rondels” In Scanticon GS-3 at Historicon Saturday at Noon, but I intend to do more.

1. I will post the Seminar presentation, I am hoping with audio, upon my return from Valley Forge, on Tuesday, July 12.

2. I will be taking pictures throughout the show, which I hope will be more useful than close-ups of clumps of figures on a field of green baize. Pictures of people! of Places! and wide shots of halls and games! They will be posted on the Repique website, and in the files section of the Repiquerules Yahoo! forum.

3. I hope to record an interview or two to post on the Zouave Blog.

4. I will be posting here with some notes and initial impressions of the
convention as it is going on, using my trusty iPad. There also will be a
final review of my activities posted on the Blog upon my return.

5. The next Zouave Skype Blog on the 17th of July, will also devote a bit of time to discussing the convention with some fellow attendees.

I am at the convention from Noon on Friday until Noon on Sunday. In addition to the War College presentation, I will be at the On Military Matters Booth at 3 PM on Saturday the 9th for a half-hour or so to answer any questions about Die Fighting or Zouave II.