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State of the State

Just a reminder that today is the last day you can get Zouave with a $5.00 discount for $24.95. The sale will end at Midnight tonight. At $25 a copy
Zouave is a VERY good deal as it provides innovative rules for three different periods with more to come by FREE PDFs.

For those of you waiting for reviews, they will be appearing soon after Zouave is mailed in Vae Victus, Scott Mingus' Cannonball Blog dedicated to ACW topics,
and also in Battlegames magazine from England.

I am announcing today that Dennis Sweet's On Military Matters will be distributing the game at conventions throughout the East Coast, and OMM will be
Zouave's international distributor. Dennis is a long-time bookseller that specializes in military titles and stocks a wide range of magazines and
rule sets. His stand is a must stop at all conventions. His shop has been my primary source for many a French language title. He is one of the good guys in

Speaking of good guys, I very much appreciate the great response from many on this list, as the Zouave rules will be in the black having paid all costs of
printing prior to being released! That is a vote of confidence in the rules that I very much appreciate, and that support will fuel my determination to
support these rules with added addenda and future expansion rule sets. I will work hard to justify your investment in Repique and Zouave.

After spending some time on the phone yesterday with the Printer, I should have the rules in hand by next Tuesday, and be able to mail on the 5th as promised. We have databased all purchases, run the labels, and have the envelopes ready! Cinco de Mayo is going to be one-packing and mailing flurry at the Worldwide Repique Rules Headquarters!

My schedule is to provide some early support materials including a beginner's scenario, the 1866 Addenda, and the 1859 Addenda (for Giuseppe and Federico!). I have already started on a campaign idea that will integrate with Zouave with a working title of" Zouave Campaign." Very creative, no? I continue the WWI air development as well.

Again, I thank all of you here on the forum, and, especially, those of you that played $25.00 "on the come," for your support, kind words in notes you have
sent, and your resurgent wish for a wargame that does the big battles and is simple to understand, but challenging to play well.

Bob Jones