Wargame Thoughts and Commentary

Some Pre-Release Guidance

The Printer’s proofs are back and approved, and now it’s just a matter of a week or so until the Zouave books may be in my hands. For some of you that are among the early adopters, I thought I’d offer you a few suggestions to think about.

If any of you are planning to use 10mm figures to play Zouave, I recommend Pendraken very highly. They are superb figures for the ACW and for all of the Armies of the mid-19th century. But, there is more! The Pendraken “Army” bag which has a special price of £19 is almost a perfect match for a Zouave Division! Likewise a bag of infantry or cavalry, will be a perfect FPW regiment, or in the ACW a perfect brigade! In some cases a few HQ figures will need to be added, but an HQ bag generally is enough for a division or more of infantry! The artillery is bagged so two bags make three batteries in Zouave. It makes it very easy to order from Pendraken. All of these numbers are in reference to the mounting system for 10s shown in the rules. Different numbers per stand are always a gamer’s option. You can fit your aesthetic taste and/or your budget, and that’s no problem in Zouave!

If you decide to use the Dial Dudes magnetic dials, a good recommended buy is 6 Command dials per army and a total of 18 “burden dials” will get you started. When your armies get larger you can get more, and by that time you’ll have a good feeling as to what you need to get. Again, they are not needed as the method described in the rules that uses pennies and paper punched “confetti”markers is quite serviceable, and what we have been doing prior to seeing the Dial Dude’s products.

I will be posting the 1866 Addenda early in May as a free downloadable PDF in the Files section of the RepiqueRules Yahoo! Forum. In addition, I will post a scenario for people new to the rules to play that will fit either the ACW or FPW. It will give you an idea of a tested scenario, so you can see the information that is needed for writing them. There will be a constant flow of such PDF materials in the coming months by me, and, I hope, some new Zouave players!

In the Zouave rule set will be inserted four heavy card Player Aids. They will be two-sided with the following information summarized, listed, or in table format:

1. (Side A) Pre-game rating tables and a summary and definition of dice progressions. Side (B) The Regimental Variable Movement table and the Weapons Table covering the common weapons of the 1861-1871 period.

2. (Side A) The Attacker’s Advantage Table; (Side B) The Defender’s Advantage Table. These are used for ALL combat.

3. (Side A) The Net Advantage Table and a Summary of the effects of burdens-These are initially very useful to gamers, but will soon become memorized; (Side B) the Move Characteristics Table that summarizes the Divisional and Regimental move process and the rules concerning interpenetration of units and the passage of lines.

4. (Side A) The Army Quality Record (AQR) this is a sheet which shows the, initially hidden from the enemy, qualities(Defense Die) of the Army’s combat units, and its individual Divisional and Corps Commander’s quality ratings. It may be freely photocopied. (Side B) This is a summary of the game process, and a listing of special rules for REALLY large games of multi-corps and multi-player size.

It won’t be long now, guys! I will ship early, if I get the books back early. I have already databased the names and run the labels for all the pre-orders, including requested copies to reviewers. The envelopes are ready. Come on, Zouave books!