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Die Fighting II is Publishing!

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The (changed ) artwork and the master disk have been sent to the replication house and will be shipping by the end of the month.  I will be substantially revamping the website
www.repiquerules.com this weekend, and posting the pre-publication discount rates to my customers.

Here are the final facts and a description of the package:

What is it?  It is a D5 DVD with an enhanced, hybrid, structure.  It will play in any DVD player in the US, and all DVD players in the UK from the last 10-15 years.  It will play in any standard computer DVD or optical drive. 

What's on it?  A one hour video that by slides, graphics, and on-camera "How-Tos" completely covers the basic rules of Die Fighting II.  The professionally produced video is completely menued and has a chapter for each topic for easy access to individual sections of the rules.  It may be played as a complete video, of course. Full color.  

This is not some loosey, goosey, recording of a game, but a point by point, focused, teaching video that covers the complete rules.  Each key point is illustrated by experienced DF players demonstrating on camera, reinforced by text, photos, and a narrative by the designer. This is viewable on either a DVD player and TV or a computer-either Mac or PC.

The disk has a menu and home page, just like movie DVDs that makes selection and finding of any information quite easy.  It will run on either a PC or Mac.  It comes as a fully printed disc with cardboard sleeve, and shrink wrapped.

here is  Pdf Slideshow, and a QuickTime Version of the same, that supplies all the written rules for DFII.  This is done by individual "topic" slides, each with a photographic illustration.  Tis allows for careful review of the text of the rules, and either may be uploaded to an iPad, and most other tablets for tableside reference. Full color.

here are eleven PDFs that may be viewed or printed from the PDF:
Designer's Notes-this covers not just the rules, but some recommendations on using this new method of presenting rules.  It also includes a two page bibliography.
Cards- a complete front and back for the twelve card phase deck for DFII for either home or professional printing at your local digital printer.
An Order of Battle sheet to record the officers and units in a command. 
A Rule Summary sheet summarizing the key points of movement, combat, and rally. It includes basic rating for units, weaponry ranges, and other rules that are constantly refered to.  The rules are cross referenced to both the video, and slide show for easy reference.  
4. A two pager on
rating officers both using a random die method and a historical selection and rating using a standard card deck.
5. A one sheeter on recommended
game set-up procedures.
6. A one sheeter with the basic
Engineering and Sapping rules.
7. There is a
Rule Template for the Linear period from 1699-1770 that covers the rules in play, rating guide, and command set-up for this period including the Marlburian and SYW.  It has several period specific rules overlayed on the basic rules.
A Wars of Revolution Template covering the period from 1771-1801, as above, but covering the AWI and The French Revolution.
The Napoleonic Wars Template covering the period 1801-1815 including Europe and the US.
The Wars of Transition Template-covering the period from 1861-1871 including the ACW, Austro-Prussian war, Maximilian, and the FPW, both Imperial and Republican period.
The Colonial Wars Template from 1840-1902 covers the Colonial wars from Sikhs to Spanish American.  A new weapons table to cover later developments of weaponry is introduced.

The templates range in length from 7 to 9 pages of text.  All of the above PDFs, except for the slide shows, totalling over 100 pages of text, are in black and white to minimize ink costs in printing.  Not all are necessary to print as simply viewing and reading them is sufficient.  The slide shows and PdFs are not viewable on a DVD player, but only on a computer.  The Pdfs may be printed.

Full color deluxe versions of the cards, Order of battle sheet, and Rule Summary sheets will be made available in the near future.  Additionally, Special Card decks for the card selection method of officers and command will be forthcoming.

Die Fighting II has been based on some of the basic design concepts from Die Fighting, but is very different, and improved by many developments and new ideas over the last five years.  The introduction of a new phasing method, different combat mechanisms including the new Black Dice, the complete integration of ll game mechanics to a degree not seen in many rules, a new method of red die generation, and the new methods of set-up and victory conditions, have made DFII a very new experience.

The really good news is this DVD which provides vastly more information in full color than any rulebook costing $35-$50 or more, is available by first class mail for $26.00 plus $3 post in the US and $5 to England, Canada, Europe, or Australia/ New Zealand!  In an era of escalating rulebook costs, this rule set, now benefitting from nearly five years of play and development is a REAL bargain!  Its low shipping costs make it much cheaper than most rule books.

It is a new format, but it is, in my opinion very much more effective than a simple rulebook, but requires no more knowledge than needed to play a movie DVD, or access a computer disc file on your computer!  It exists in both digital, and print forms to allow anyone, regardless of their techical proficiency to use the rules. The master disk has been tested on a variety of PCs,Macs, and DVD players with no problems.

I must also say, as one that has written many rule sets over the years,dozens of articles, and kept the Zouave Blog full of AARs, Articles, and information for over 4 years,  that Die Fighting II is the best set of rules I have ver done.  It is innovative, unique in its nmecanisms, and provides a game that is eay to learn, and a lot of fun to play.  It is, in my mind, the perfect blend between history, technology, and classic wargame fun and laughter.  Try it, you'll like it!

The website will be revamped this weekend, and Pre-sales will begin on Die Fighting II on Monday morning! Past customers in my database will be given a discount for pre-ordering with a special discount for those that purchased Die Fighting after December 1st of 2013. . Estimated mailing of the copies is the last week of November.  They will be posted along with review copies as soon as I receive them from the production house.