Wargame Thoughts and Commentary

An Idea to Play With!

I’m doing some preliminary work on the Die Marching! Campaign rules ( when not doing the Colonial Template for DF, and the Zouave II work) and in the midst of it came up with an idea that I thought might be of interest to all you new “Die Fighting!” aficianados. Since my plate is very full, I’m not really in a position, at the moment, to fully develop the idea, but I thought some of you might just want to take the idea and run with it.

All I ask is that any ideas, or developments you try that you are happy with get reported back to the assembled Die Fighters on the forum!

The idea is this: In setting up a DF game for maximum fun, use one of the unique characteristics of the game, the limited dice resource, to “even up” the scenario, or add hidden spice to the initial set-up.

The Wellington Option: If one side has a dice advantage, give a terrain, or group of terrains-Hills, forest, etc.- to the lesser side that is on their side of the board, and perhaps occupied by them at game start, that either partially or fully evens the “theoretical” die count- A 15 dice point hill, a 10 dice point wood, a 5 point wall, etc. Since the lesser side will find the defensive posture attractive, their “evening out” terrain additions will be welcome. Either an umpire, the scenario writer, Game Master, or the defensive player may determine their location.

It’s even better when you don’t let the attacker(side with the most dice) know the exact point values assigned.

Grouchy is coming!: Let either side roll up to 20 resource dice ,which are then lost for the game resource bucket, in one clump, any 6s are “reinforcements” Cull out and Reroll the 6s--evens are infantry, Odds for Cavalry or Artillery. Re-roll the evens: 1=Militia, 2,3.4=regulars 5= Elites, 6=Guard Infantry-then rate. Re-roll the Odds 1,2= Light cavalry, 3 Heavy cavalry, 4= Light artillery battery, 5= Heavy artillery battery- then rate.

Any roll of 6 on an odd die indicates the previously rolled cavalry have gone on a Jeb Stuart gallop, or the guns have gotten mired on a bad back road and will only arrive when their army commander rolls 4 identical dice on any single initiative, movement, or combat roll during the game.

This is the reinforcing force. Place the Creative X factor card in the phase deck in place on any other phase. When it is played, or comes up randomly, and IF the army gets the initiative, each side rolls 1 D6-if the army attempting reinforcement is the high roller, the reinforcements enter and their worth in dice is added to the army resource bin. Once they arrive the card is removed from play. If they don’t arrive- that is, The army loses the initiative, or the D6 roll-then the card is retained. If the roll-off between D6s is a tie, the reinforcements never enter, and the card is removed!

For entry point, 1= Far left, 2,3= Center, 4= Far Right 5= Mid Left, 6=Mid Right

Something for you guys to muse upon.