Wargame Thoughts and Commentary

Status of DF and DFII

Opening Graphic DFII.001

First, I can announce that Die Fighting is completely sold out, and only my archival copies remain.  

DFII is proceeding nicely.  I have got the slideshow down to a final draft which is out for review with a couple of trusted sources from outside the group-to test many things, including its clarity.

The video will be in final edit this coming weekend.  All that will remain is a possible additional taping of some closing remarks.

The text materials (Cards, Play aids, OOB Roster, Rule Summaries,the five period templates, and the alternative card deck officer selection article) are being finished and brushed up this week.

What remains is art design for the disk and mailing package, and the creation of the final menu-ed master disk and the publishing of several hundred copies of that disk.

When the master disk is sent for the burning of the initial copies, I post the pre-sale notice, and all final pricing and discounts.  I will accept pre-orders at that time.  

The very few people that have seen some of the materials are very excited and encouraging.  I'm very happy with the development and assembly of DFII as well.  As I said, I believe it to be in form and content the very best thing I have done.