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Die Fighting! Status

Happy binary day!

As a general status report for all:

1. Cover photos and rights have been secured-they are great!

2. Printing arrangements have been set and arranged.

3. Layout proceeds, but it is going very well. The book will contain, text, graphics, photos, and line art.

4. It should wrap up soon. I will announce on the forum when pre-sales
begin, and the website will include Die Fighting! at discount on the store page. I will check against my mailing list for the Repique "return customer" discount.

Price point looks like $29.95 for the book with playing aid inserts. I will
maintain a $2.50 postage charge for US and Canada and drop the overseas postage to $5.00 on Die Fighting! Discounts for pre-orders ($2.50) and previous buyers of Zouave ($2.50) will apply during the pre-sale period only. On Military Matters will be handling all convention and overseas distribution.

The rules include period-specific tables and rules for NINE different periods-WSS,SYW, AWI, French Revolution, early and later Napoleonic, ACW, Austro-Prussian, and FPW.Bibliographies for texts used and recommended are included along with designer notes, and two six-card "Phase Sequence" sheets in addition to the player aid cards. It’s quite a package!

These rules are the best I've ever done-no question. They are a complete departure from Piquet-no sequence deck, no multi-sided dice, everybody in the game may move on every turn, and there are only two tables used in play-a Weapons table and a Free Dice table which are unique to each period. The games have a definitive end, and are simple enough for convention play. They may be handicapped for play against younger children, wagers may be made and scores may be kept. I'm sure some gamers will keep stats just like sabermetricians.

The rules are very scalable, and offer a lot for future development and
expansion into other periods, as well as new rule ideas. They take the idea of a toolbox, that I first introduced in Piquet, to a new level with many permutations of play sequence begging to be tried and experimented with. Every day brings a number of new ideas to my mind-some that will even surprise the play testers!

This not a pre-sale announcement which will be clearly made, and also indicated at the Repique Rules store, only when I have sent the camera-ready rule set to the printer.