Wargame Thoughts and Commentary

"Forward to the Past"

This last month has been a lost month in terms of my writing, and rule publishing. A combination of extensive renovations at the house that went on for several weeks, and now a visit from my daughter, who lives in Europe, has thrown my schedule of writing, gaming, and blogging into a cocked hat.

However, it has not been entirely unfruitful. During the month I developed the campaign rules further, and got inspired with the single best game design mechanic I’ve had since I designed Piquet back in the 90s! The rules are just spilling on to the page the idea is so good!

The new design’s goals are very different from Zoauve, which was designed primarily with 10s and 15s in mind, was concentrated on a single period, and was aimed at replicating some of the characteristics of the big battles and their command issues. The new concept, which is being developed under the title, “Die Fighting” is the flip-side of Zouave’s goals. Die Fighting is aimed at the old” classic” wargame style with 28mm and larger-maybe even 40s and 54s! It is very much a battalion level tactical action design. In breaking with past designs, it uses NO cards. It only uses D6s for all of its mechanics-and, yet, it is very unique in how all these mechanics are tied together. It promises to be a great game design and will, in its earliest release cover the period 1700-1900 with specific information for each major period included in the rules. There will be NO addenda or supplements. All of this and the rules will not exceed 35 pages including all period information!

Die Fighting is very much in the Charge!, Shambattle, Wells, Featherstone tradition and will be throughly tested both in the US and in England prior to publication. Price remains to be set, but I hope to make it very affordable. It will be initially available in a numbered and signed 300 copy edition. I hope to have it all complete and up for sale for the Christmas season.

This will NOT delay (any further) several other projects including the 1866 addenda, 1859 addenda, and the Zouave Campaign rules.. Now that the family and renovation pressures are off, I intend to go into overdrive on all of these projects and get them done as rapidly as possible. The two addenda will be offered on-line at the forum for no charge.

The Zouave Campaign Rules will be developed concurrently with Die Fighting-as they share a few new mechanisms, but will probably appear after the Zouave second edition and Die Fighting. These campaign rules will be usable, by the way, with ANY wargame rule set.

Die Fighting is a real return to my wargaming roots, and I must thank Mike Siggins for putting me on to Phil Olley’s new publication, The Classic Wargamer’s Journal. This is a real throwback to the Scruby, Featherstone, Hal Thinglum publications and game style. It took just a few pages of reading and the new rule design idea clicked in my head. Do yourself a favor and get a copy of this fine initial effort. I’m sure you’ll want to subscribe. Check it out at http://classicwargaming.blogspot.com.

In the meantime, I will keep you apprised of the progress on all these projects at the forum and on this blog. Now, back to the writing...!