Wargame Thoughts and Commentary

Pre-Release Orders on the 16th!

With the help of Jim Getz, I have tested our new store and I think we are now ready to open for business on the 16th of April for the pre-release orders. I remind everyone that I will not be receiving the books until May 4th or 5th as they are shipping on April 30th from back East. Once they are in hand, I will mail them out within 48 hours to all people that have pre-ordered. After the May 5th date all orders will be shipped within 48 hours of receipt.

As many of you know, I have created the website and the Yahoo! forum on my own , and I am quite proud of the amount of material and information that is available there. This will be expanded over the next few months. One of the problems with being a one man band is that all the issues associated with Repique depend on one man-me! The website store has been a fairly involved problem to resolve and has required me to, for now, use two different pages for sales. There is a fairly sophisticated PayPal Store that is on the Repique Store page. It is set up for both domestic and international sales with different rates for postage. It also presently indicates the $5.00 reduction in price Repique Rules is offering for a pre-publication incentive. That will end at midnight of April 30th, 2010, and the price will revert to the usual retail price of $29.95. I expect that this will be the method that most of you will choose as it is easy, fast and secure. It also allows for the use of any credit card, as well as any monies in any PayPal account that you may have.

If you wish to pay by check or money order, please use the Direct Sales Page, which is a simple form for you to fill in. Upon sending it, you will receive a return e-mail with all address and payment information that you will need to pay for the order. Zouave will be sent IMMEDIATELY upon Repique Rules receiving the payment, as we will already have your address and particulars.

Retail and commercial purchasers buying 6 copies or more, should also use this form, and inquire as to commercial rates-which are offered-by checking the appropriate box. The retail terms will be included in the return email. Otherwise the process is exactly as above.

I don’t know if I’ve solved every perturbation of the HTML on the site, and hope you will bear with me if there any problems. I believe we are OK for take-off!

Again, the Store and Direct Sales pages may be previewed, but will not be fully active, until 8:00 AM MDT April 16, 2010.

I thank everyone for the many kind wishes and encouraging e-mails that I have received, and look forward to further developing this system in many creative and unique ways.