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Die Fighting II 11/21/14 Update!


UPDATED FRIDAY 11/21/14 11:00 PM

The sleeves have been printed, folded and glued. This will allow them to dry over the weekend. The discs must still be printed. I am hoping that will occur on Monday.

All that would then remain is the assembly of the discs and sleeves and shrink wrapping them.  This looks probable for late Monday or Tuesday with shipment to me on Tuesday.

It's hard to estimate the impact of the Thanksgiving mail holiday, but I'm hoping for a Friday delivery, allowing me the weekend to pack and label your orders and do a thorough quality check on the discs.  This would mean posting them on Monday, December 1st.  The sheer volume is going to be a real challenge.  This would insure all of you, no matter how remote, getting DFII prior to Christmas.

I will, as promised, keep you all informed.