Wargame Thoughts and Commentary

Die Fighting II is Launched!

As you can see, many changes have been made to the website, and there will be more to come! I have upgraded the software, re-written most pages, changed the color scheme, and revised the content to bring it all up to date. I have also changed the name of the Blog to The Repique Blog from the Zouave Blog to lessen any confusion as to its content. Substantial changes have been made to the Repique Store, where Die Fighting II has joined the product list replacing Die Fighting.

I am offering, for a limited period, 15% off the standard price for those of you that wish to pre-order. Instead of $26 plus post the charge shall be $22 plus post. Remember the post has been reduced for many customers. The rules will be shipped as soon as the DVDs are received back from the production house. That is estimated to be the last week of November. I have opted for a longer turn-around for a considerable savings to me, and to my customers, on the pricing. They will be delivered as a four color printed disk and cardboard sleeve, shrink wrapped, by first class mail.

It would make a relatively inexpensive Christmas present for a fellow wargamer!

For those of you that ordered Die Fighting after December 1st of 2013, please drop me an email. If you’re in my database, I will lower the price by an additional $4.00 for each of you, to $18.00! This will offer will be concurrent with the pre-order pricing. On November 22, the Rules will return to $26.00 for everyone thereafter.

If any on you experience any difficulties with the website, please let me know, because such an extensive re-write usually has a few bumps before it settles in for the duration!

Thank you all for your interest in Die Fighting II. I feel very sure you will not be disappointed!

Bob Jones
Denver, Colorado, 2014