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Die Fighting Important Information

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Die Fighting! is completed and will be sent to the printer after one final review today and tomorrow. The process of proofs and printer's corrections. plus the actual printing process, will take one month.

Die Fighting! will be offered for pre-sale this coming Wednesday, January 26th,and its expected delivery to customers will begin on February 25th, 2011, which is the one year anniversary of Repique Rules. The Repique store page at the website will reflect its availability and will be open for business on Wednesday. The Repique Website will be further revised to carry information and additional details about the rules at that time.

It will retail at $29.95 with $2.50 postage for USA and Canada, and $7.50 postage for the rest of the world. Pre-orders will deduct $5.00 from the cost, and anyone who purchased Zouave directly from me, and is on our database, will get an additional $2.50 off as an established customer for a total of $7.50 off its normal retail price! All discounts will end at midnight, February 24th, 2011 and the retail price of $29.95 a copy will be in effect thereafter.

What is the physical package? Die fighting! is a 60 page saddle-bound booklet with color cover, and B&W interior on quality 60# opaque paper. Production quality will be very similar to Zouave. It has interior photos, art, tables, and clarifying examples. It features an introduction by Pat McGuire and my designer notes and hints. Four separate templates for specific warfare periods within the 1700-1900 era are included. Additionally, three card insert sheets consisting of a rule summary, order of battle sheet, and two sheets of optional phase cards, are included.

The rules cover the period 1700-1900, or what is commonly known as the Horse and Musket period. It features a general set of rules that has been play-tested and developed over the last year by groups in two locations in the US and in England. In addition, there are four rule templates sections, each offering specific rule additions or changes, rating suggestions, and a small bibliography for the Linear Warfare of 1700-1763, the Revolutionary Wars in America and France, the early and later Napoleonic Wars, and finally the Wars of Transition from 1861-1871 which includes the ACW, APW, and the FPW. Additional templates for the Colonial Wars of the later 19th century will be posted on the forum.

The game is set to a battalion/regiment/squadron/battery scale with a ground scale of roughly 25mm to the yard or meter. Twelve to Twenty units a side is the sweet spot, though fewer and greater numbers of units are quite alright. Any figure scale is usable, and test games have been played with 10mm, 15mm, and 28mm figures. Literally, any figure mounting and stands per unit is possible, so no remounting will be required, regardless of the present organization of your armies. Die Fighting! does not use cards, though that is an option, and everybody can move on every turn if he wants to. Only D6 dice are used and only one table is needed during play! Multiple player games are easily done, and two of the optional phasing systems are for solo play.

The game uses several new techniques including the gamers "use up" their die rolls as the game proceeds, an extensive tool-box of turn phasing options is provided which can be crafted to a period's needs or a gamer's tastes, and wagering and the keeping of game statistics over time is easily done. Some of these ideas have been summarized on the Zouave Blog entries on Die Fighting!

Die Fighting! will be closely coordinated with the new "Die Marching!" campaign rules design, slated for publication in time for Historicon in the Summer of 2011.

Die Fighting! will be published in a limited, numbered, first edition, and will be signed upon request. Our previous On Military Matters will represent Die
Fighting! at all shows, and with overseas distributors as they did with Zouave.

Review copies will be sent to the major wargame publications and review websites.

Die Fighting is the best single design I have ever done with a lot of future development possibilities both for campaigns, new eras, and convention play. I look forward to your suggestions and ideas for its future development. The rules are fun, simple, play rapidly, and provide a sure outcome. I hope you all give them a try! If there are any additional questions I'll be happy to answer them here at the forum or by emails sent to me. Thanks to all for your patience over the last few months as Die Fighting's consumed so much of my time. I intend to post here and on the blog more frequently now that the pig is through the snake.

Until then, keep an eye on the website, and order your copy on Wednesday!

Good wargaming!

Bob Jones