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Zouave Skype Call

Well, we got together a rump caucus to test the Skype Conference software and do the first Zouave Conference. Present were Jim Getz in Ohio, and from outside London, Tim Couper. I can report that it worked very well. It was all audio, no video, but the Skype system was very easy to use, the audio was clear throughout, and the software indicated quite clearly which person was talking which leads me to believe that we can go larger than six participants, when the need arises. The software will handle up to 24!

The experience was delightful! I had not met Tim before, and called him ahead of the conference so we could both view video and chat. Video does not work on the conference, so you needn’t worry about appearances. Anyway, the half hour Zouave chat was a good beginning, I think. I encourage you to give it a listen, and remember that the participants were half a world apart, and that the call was absolutely free for all of us.

It is an opportunity to meet people beyond the text on the forum and have a bit of a social moment that goes beyond just information and Q&A. I intend to try it again on June 19th, again a Saturday. The time will be moved to 2:30 PM MDT, which is 8:30 PM in London, 4:30 PM in New York, 1:30 PM in San Francisco and 6:30 AM in Melbourne. I will build an Agenda this week and am open to specific sections of the rules, topics, or ideas you would like to discuss. There will be an opportunity for spontaneous questions at the end of each session. Just email me at the bob@repiquerules.com (or click on the contact link below)with your intention to join us, and any area you specifically would like to see discussed, or a question you’d like answered.

It will be first come, first seated, and I think we can do six people in a session that lasts 30 minutes, and up to twelve, if you’d like to go an hour. You may participate without speaking up if you’d like to just lurk, or make the occasional comment.

This could be a VERY interesting and effective form of rule support for Zouave, but it needs you! To enjoy this 30 minute Skype discussion click on the Podcast link (in orange) below.